Our transparent glue dots (Glue-Dots) are manufactured in our own factory in the Netherlands. Glue dots are useful for attaching savings and bank cards to paper, among other things.

Ideal for mailing, finishing, assembly and packaging applications. The glue dots, called Gluepoints at Kaan Gluepoints, are the most versatile adhesive available in a removable or permanent version.

Kaan Gluepoints are FDA certified. The glue dots are safe for indirect contact with food.

Our transparent glue dots are odorless and can be processed without stinging fumes.

At KAAN-GluePoints you get exactly the right Glue Dots Solutions in the desired adhesive strength. The self-adhesive dots, also known as adhesive dots, play a central role in our range. Because we manufacture the glue dots in different versions ourselves, we can offer them to you within short delivery times and at a very competitive price. Since you buy your Superdots directly from the manufacturer, you don't have to pay any trading margins for middlemen. In addition, if desired, we can offer you tailor-made adhesive solutions.

With the right glue dot solutions, the glue work is extremely efficient

Companies from very different industries use our Glue Dots Solutions. The spectrum ranges from the advertising industry to horticulture. A well-known use of the Superdots is to paste samples into magazines. The removable adhesive dots can be easily removed from various types of printing machines without leaving any residue. Certain adhesive dots in our range are also suitable for indirect contact with food. They are classified as food safe / food safe by the competent authority. This opens up further possible applications for the adhesive dots. In addition, there are also superdots in medium or strong adhesive that are suitable for permanent attachment. We supply our GluePoints in different sizes, such as 6 mm and 10 mm. We also offer pressure-activated adhesive dots that stick when pressed from behind.

Order the desired adhesive dots by phone or find out more

You can place your order during office hours by calling 31-226 . We offer glue dots in rolls of 1000, 3000, 5000 and 7000 pieces. Also for questions about our Glue Dots Solutions, such as self-adhesive dots or superdots, you can reach us outside office hours at +31 6 50604574In addition, we are of course also happy to present you our other range including semi-automatic dispensers, double-sided tape and adhesive strips. We look forward to your message so that we can prove the quality of our adhesive material.

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