Our family business started in 2008 as a trader of glue points and related items. In 2012, our first production line for the production of glue dots was put into use, with a second production line in 2014 and the third production line in 2016. In 2015, we acquired the only company in the world that manufactures the Dot-O-Matic, and are now the only company in the world that manufactures a Semi-automatic glue dot dispenser.

Manufacturing glue dots (GluePoints) is one of our main activities. By investing in knowledge, expertise, automation and technology, we are successful in a continuously changing market.

With a Glue dot you should think of sticking samples in magazines, or sticking savings / bank cards, but also sticking bags of flower food to flower arrangements, or a logo on a stick of orchids to name a few.

Our products are used in many different industries and sold in 36 countries….

We also supply from stock, various double-sided tapes and dispensers, double-sided foam pads, sealing seals, and many more flexible solutions.

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